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Our employees



Your host

since january 2018, she runs the Aschauerhof together with her husband Jürgen.
She greets the guests at the reception and is there for you for all your holiday needs.




your host

since january 2018 he leads the Aschauer Hof together with Elisabeth.
Jürgen greets the guests in the restaurant z'Fritzn and takes care of their well-being.


Roland and Leonie


Our youngest

Roland born in 2003 and Leonie, born in 2006 make the family business complete.
In addition to the school, the two help with events.




The happy nature

since 2008 she is refreshment in our company.

She takes care of our guests during the breakfast with heart and soul.


Ilona Pletzer


Senior boss

In addition to her work at the Aschau School, she loves to take care of the flowers on the balcony and garden and the outdoor area around the hotel.


Johann „Hans“ Pletzer


Senior boss

He is the „senior boss“.
Due to his craftsmanship, we can repair small repairs or defects immediately.
He is primarily responsible for the guest care at the "Stammtisch".

In winter, he ensures that the roads are cleared from snow.

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